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Health Coaching

Posted Apr 25, 2012


Areas of focus: weight management, smoking cessation, physical activity and fitness, healthy eating, health condition, relationship, stress, life coaching and life transitions.

What Coaching Is:

  • Partnering with members in a thought provoking and creative process to promote healthy lifestyle change.
  • Inspire people to live life to their fullest potential personally and professionally
  • Is a forward-looking process where each member establishes a vision, clear goals, and action steps
  • Is driven by the member and supported by the coach.
  • Helping members to identify their strengths and use them to create their own solutions.

What Coaching Is Not: 

  • Coaching is NOT counseling or “talk therapy” which tends to focus on the past and how the past affects the present.
  • Does not tell people what to do or how to do it: they do not analyze problems, give advice, and prescribe solutions.
  • Coaches are NOT experts on the member; they see the member as the “expert” in his or her own life.
  • Does not address specific symptoms and pathology.

To sign up with a coach, call 1-855-CG SUPRT(247-8778) or schedule online coaching sessions.



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