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Tennis Resources

Supportive tips and articles for the WTA and ITF.

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Emotional Endurance: Resilience for the Long Run

When life presents you with a challenge that may never go away, you need something more than the ability to deal just with short-term stress. You need emotional endurance—and here are some ways to build it.

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No Way Up? Try a Lateral Move

If promotions at your company are few and far between, don’t get frustrated—get creative. Look around. There may be a lateral move within the company in your future.

More - No Way Up? Try a Lateral Move

Lady looking down

Are You a Stuffer or an Exploder? Strategies to Handle Raw Emotions

Learning how to effectively handle intense emotions is challenging. What comes naturally with raw emotions is either stuffing by repressing feelings or exploding by negatively expressing feelings. With conscious effort, you can learn ways to better handle emotions.

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