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Live Work/Life Webinar 10/20/15: Know the 10 Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Learn to identify the 10 early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease through this webinar. Review the differences between age-related memory lapses and the signs of dementia.

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Assess Your Homework Help

Are you using homework to teach your child valuable life skills? This article contains a list of examples of what you might say to your child when you’re helping with homework.

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Dating After Divorce

You have been hurt before and are reluctant to invest yourself in another intimate relationship. On the other hand, you desire a degree of attention, affection and companionship that friends and family members cannot provide. Dating after a divorce can provide reassurance at a time when rebuilding your self-esteem and learning to be single again are your primary focus.

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Re-engaging Life and Finding Purpose After Disability or Illness

Why do some people seemingly drop out of life when disability strikes and others reinvent themselves, find purpose and re-engage? There are no clear-cut reasons but research has provided a glimpse into the characteristics of people who prosper in spite of their disability.

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