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This site offers a sampling of our award-winning Achieve Solutions website, where we provide our members with information, tools, and other resources on topics such as depression, stress, anxiety, alcohol, marriage, grief and loss, child/adult care, and work/life balance. Its mission is to help members get credible information, access behavioral health services, and resolve personal concerns in a convenient, confidential manner. The content is continually updated to reflect new research, articles, and topical material.

To access a customized site with information specific to your benefits, select the link titled “Find your custom Achieve Solutions website,” at the top of this page. Then, select the name of the organization through which you receive Beacon Health Options benefits. After doing so you will be routed to the appropriate site. Select “About Services” to review information about your plan.

The information provided on the Achieve Solutions site, including, but not limited to, articles, assessments, and other general information, is for informational purposes only and should not be treated as medical, health care, psychiatric, psychological, or behavioral health care advice. Nothing contained on the Achieve Solutions site is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or as a substitute for consultation with a qualified health care professional. Please direct questions regarding the operation of the Achieve Solutions site to Web Feedback. If you have concerns about your health, please contact your health care provider.  ©Carelon Behavioral Health



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